What is more challenging for the Arabs: Israel or Iran?

For those who are under the spell of the lie perpetrated by the Iran-backed “resistance,” it is time to wake up to the truth.
Sunday 06/01/2019
A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps chants slogans during a military drill in the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran. (AFP)
Fanning the flames. A member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps chants slogans during a military drill in the Strait of Hormuz in southern Iran. (AFP)

It is no longer possible to feign ignorance about Israel’s presence in the Middle East. The old game no longer fools anyone. Through this lie, the Arabs have turned their backs to the world and, naturally, have lost a lot of their rights as a result. Because they refused to accept a definitive political reality of our time, the Arabs have made an enemy of the entire world and then some.

At a later stage, the Arabs used the secret contacts and meetings with Israel as a pretext to attack and smear each other. This kind of political auction is happening today with each leader raising the ante for the others to divert the general public’s attention from a question that has become a scandal in the eyes of many countries.

The issue is not about normalising relations with Israel, which is a negative aspect that can lead to serious consequences if nothing is offered in return. No harm would come to the Palestinian cause by dealing directly with Israel. This cause has been led into an impossible maze by the same people who have been championing it.

What we know regarding the Palestinian cause is that there is no hope for a solution without direct negotiations with the Israeli side. Let Hezbollah and Hamas go to the hell they’ve been threatening everybody with. These two lie to their own people and control their fate after having replaced common sense with their twisted ideologies.

They chose to plant the seeds of hope among the Palestinians by auguring the coming of the Islamic umma, a concept that is out of sync with the Palestinians’ daily struggles.

It should not be forgotten that the Arabs messed up the Palestinians’ future when they rejected solutions that were far better than the Oslo Accords. These accords created a Palestinian Authority whose weakness caused the Gaza Strip to slip through its fingers.

It was because of the slogans brandished by armed groups that we lost our connection to the world and its trust in us as reliable dialogue partners but this time the game looks different.

The Israeli side is the strongest and it has always been so. The Israeli side needs peace more than the Arab side does. This is a paradox of some sort and the reason is that, in many Arab countries, the horizon of civil peace is receding further and further because of Iranian interference.

For such countries, the goal of internal peace has become impossible to attain. Seeking that goal has deprived those countries of time needed to think about the question of peace with Israel through a fair solution to the Palestinian cause that would guarantee the Palestinians their rights.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah was turned into a weak side holding significantly weak cards to be able to exert pressure on Israel. All the PA can offer Palestinians is to wait for some time then wait again with no end or result in sight. Israel looks at the PA as a dead body, which is not far away from the truth.

The world has changed and the Israelis have changed with it but have they changed enough to say that they are no longer enemies to the Palestinians?

It is at least possible to say the Israelis “are dealing with the Arab world in a political way.” This is certainly not how the Iranians are dealing with the Arabs. Their hostility towards the Arabs is an ideological one and therefore cannot be overcome. Iran has thus played a dangerous role in changing the world’s and the Arabs’ perceptions of Israel.

It would be foolish to overlook the Iranian danger. This country, which entertains us with populist resistance speeches and fills the horizon with the “Death to Israel” slogan, has yet to accomplish one concrete action besides planting sectarian militias and fanning sectarian fire. Those militias spread backwardness, ignorance and the culture of death in the Arab world, in keeping with their hidden slogan, which is “Death to the Arabs.”

The world has changed and Iran has become the biggest threat to our existence. Iran has shattered our lives from within, something that Israel could not do despite its military and intelligence superiority. It is therefore incumbent on Arabs to put aside all the lies and act in a manner consistent with the realities of a changing world.

The Iranian devils, who have become intricately woven into the Arab social fabric and are in control of some part of Arab life, are the bigger threat to the fate of the Arab world than Israel is.

For those who are under the spell of the lie perpetrated by the Iran-backed “resistance,” it is time to wake up to the truth: Iran is the only enemy of the Arabs now. It is so because Israel, a state recognised by the Palestinians themselves, is looking for a strong Arab environment with which to establish lasting peace and end the era of militarism, which is no longer compatible with the realities of our time.

The purpose behind wasting time having “revolutionary” auctions is no longer a secret. We know that Iran wants to plant the seeds of its aggression in the region. This must stop, of course, so the Arabs can build their lives on sound foundations that bring them closer to the world and help them recover their rights within the context of a just peace.