UAE renews commitment to mission in Yemen

Senior Yemeni authorities welcomed the Emirates’ renewed commitment to help stabilise Yemen.
Monday 10/02/2020
Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi attends a military ceremony
Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi attends a military ceremony

ABU DHABI - The United Arab Emirates has confirmed its continued role in the Arab coalition in Yemen, as part of efforts to maintain security and stability of the region.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan used his Twitter account to “greet with pride and honour” the Emirati soldiers and civilians for “their participation in the national and humanitarian mission within the Arab coalition in Yemen.”

“True to their commitment, through their sacrifices and their courage, they cultivate good and spread hope... with one hand they protect and with the other they build,” said Sheikh  Mohammed, adding: “God willing, we shall remain standing by our brothers in maintaining the security and stability of our region.”

In a second Tweet February 9, Sheikh Mohammed said he saluted “the loyal hawks who were true to their duty to the homeland and the stability of the region; their sacrifices and their patriotic and humanitarian role have lit the torch of hope for our brothers in Yemen.”

“The Emirates will remain in full support of the brothers and a bridge to peace,” he said.

The United Arab Emirates has played an active role in Yemen, including to the military push to liberate sections of the country from pro-Iran Houthi rebels. UAE forces have been instrumental in maintaining the stability of liberated areas by training the forces tasked with controlling the areas.

The United Arab Emirates played a decisive role in confronting al-Qaeda by training local forces and providing them with logistics support and assisting them in repelling the terrorist organisation. The Emirati effort was especially credited with the recovery of Mukalla in 2016 from al-Qaeda, which had seized the city and tried to establishing an “emirate” there.

The United Arab Emirates has, for five years, provided inhabitants of the poorest areas in Yemen with food, medicine, materials, clothing and equipment for shelter.

The United Arab Emirates helped the residents of other Yemeni regions to regain the normal course of their lives. This included introducing small projects compatible with the economic activities in those areas. It rehabilitated health and educational facilities in those areas. The United Arab Emirates has laid out roads and provided the areas with electricity and clean water.

Senior Yemeni authorities welcomed the United Arab Emirates’ renewed commitment to help stabilise Yemen. Brigadier-General Tariq Saleh, commander of the Yemeni Republican Guard, on Twitter, said: “The UAE, represented by its leadership, people and army, has been standing by Yemenis, as have all of our Arab and Muslim brothers… Yemen’s history will always remember the Emirati position and that of our Arab brothers and Yemen’s soil will always honour our brothers' blood.”

Observers said the Emirati position was a strong message highlighting the cohesion of the Arab coalition in Yemen. The message was especially meant for Qatar and Turkey, which are waging media campaign against the Emirates’ role in Yemen.