UAE pulls the plug on Iran politicisation of teachers’ case

Friday 16/10/2015
Ten Iranian schools in UAE are serving large emigre population

TEHRAN - The United Arab Emirates has released nine Iranian teachers it detained for nine days over work permit problems, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported on Saturday.
Iran provides teaching staff for 10 Iranian schools in the UAE which serve an emigre population estimated in the hundreds of thousands, and it summoned the Emirati charge d'affaires earlier this week to protest the teachers' detention.
"Minutes ago, the arrested teachers were released by the UAE," IRNA quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Ghashghavi as saying late on Friday.
Tensions between Tehran and Abu Dhabi have risen in recent months after the UAE, home to hundreds of thousands of Iranian expatriates, sent troops to Yemen to bolster the government against an Iranian-allied rebel group.
The UAE is one of several Sunni Muslim Gulf Arab states that accuse Shi'ite power Iran of stirring up unrest in Arab states, sometimes using communal ties with Shi'ite minorities in those countries. Iran denies any interference.
A UAE official had reportedly said the teachers' work permits were valid only for Dubai and were invalid in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, where they were arrested in the town of Al-Ain on October 7.
Iran’s foreign ministry had summoned the UAE’s charge d’affaires to Tehran over the case.