Saudi police arrest 9 Americans among 33 terror suspects

Friday 29/01/2016
Some 532 ISIS suspects are being questioned ahead of trial

RIYADH - Saudi authorities have arrested nine American citizens among 33 "terror" suspects rounded up over the past days, the Saudi Gazette newspaper reported on Sunday.
Four Americans were arrested on Monday and five others over the past four days, the paper reported citing an unidentified source.
The arrests also included 14 Saudis, three Yemenis, two Syrians, an Indonesian, a Filipino, an Emirati, a Kazakhstan national and a Palestinian, the paper said.
It did not say if any of the "terror suspects" was linked to the Islamic State group, which has claimed several deadly attacks against security and Shiites in the kingdom in recent months.
On Friday, a suicide bomber attacked a Shiite mosque in Eastern Province killing four people before worshippers disarmed and tied up his accomplice who had fired on them.
ISIS, a radical Sunni group that considers Shiites heretics, did not claim that attack.
The Saudi Gazette said some 532 ISIS suspects accused of plotting attacks in the kingdom are being questioned ahead of their trial at the criminal court in Riyadh.
They are members of six cells arrested in "pre-emptive" raids across the kingdom and include a Saudi woman and a Filipina, the paper said.
Meanwhile, a Saudi official said one of two attackers who wore explosive belts in Friday's deadly assault on a Shiite mosque in the country's east was a 22-year-old national.
Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki identified the attacker in a statement carried late Saturday by the official Saudi Press Agency as Abdulrahman bin Abdullah bin Suleiman al-Tuwaijri.
Al-Tuwaijri and another gunman targeted the Imam Reda Mosque in al-Ahsa during Friday prayers. Al-Turki says four Saudis were killed and 33 people were wounded in the attack.
Al-Tuwaijri detonated his payload during the assault and died. The second attacker is in custody and is being treated for wounds. He was not identified.