Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of sowing ‘sedition’ in Iraq

Sunday 29/05/2016
Jubeir: Iran has to stop intervening and withdraw

RIYADH - Saudi Arabia accused Iran on Sunday of sowing "sedition" in Iraq urging the Islamic republic to "stop intervening" in the affairs of its neighbours.

"Sedition and division in Iraq are the results of sectarian policies that developed out of Iran's policies in Iraq," said Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in a joint press briefing with his British counterpart Philip Hammond in Jeddah.

"If Iran wants stability in Iraq, it has to stop intervening and withdraw," he said after accusing Tehran of sending "Shiite militias" to the war-torn country.

"Iran should respect the principle of good neighbourly relations, to focus on its internal situation and not intervene in the affairs of other countries in the region, mainly Iraq," he said.

Shiite-dominated Iran is the arch rival of the Sunni-led Arab kingdom, which is a traditional ally of Washington.