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September 25, 2016

Tunis - The Human Screen Festi­val, founded by the Tuni­sian Cultural Association of Insertion an

July 02, 2016

DUBAI - Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bombers twice attacked the Lebanese Christian border town of

June 18, 2016

BEIRUT - The real danger posed by the Islamic State (ISIS) is not its military capabili­ties but

May 21, 2016

The recent killing of top Hezbollah military commander Mustafa Badreddine has placed before the p

April 16, 2016

DUBAI - The Arab coalition has ex­ceeded expectations in its land and air offensive against Houth

March 31, 2016

Mobilisation Forces marching in Baghdad

March 24, 2016

DUBAI - The Kurds have emerged as major players in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, increasing th

March 17, 2016

Dubai - The Lebanese Armed Forc­es (LAF) are regarded by many as the last and maybe the only inst

March 10, 2016

BEIRUT - Saudi Arabia and its Arab Gulf allies are no longer willing to tolerate the prominent ro

August 27, 2015

Dubai - Gulf Arab states might not be all that happy about the nuclear deal the United States and

August 20, 2015

DUBAI - The Saudi-led Arab alliance is set on scoring a clear-cut victory in Yemen de­spite the d

August 13, 2015

Dubai - The Iran nuclear deal might have been signed and sealed but it is still some way from bei

July 30, 2015

Dubai - The Islamic State (ISIS) continues to amaze ana­lysts and strategists with its ability to

July 30, 2015

DUBAI - The fall of Aden to Yemeni forces loyal to President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi represents a

July 23, 2015

Beirut - No sooner had US Presi­dent Barack Obama an­nounced the signing of the nuclear deal with

July 16, 2015

Setting up the safe zones inside Syria to securely resettle millions of refugees would require mi

July 09, 2015

DUBAI - The heavy and escalating Hezbollah involvement in the Syrian war is seen by many, inside

July 02, 2015

Multiple terror attacks hit three continents on June 26th.

June 25, 2015

DUBAI - The air campaigns waged by the US-led international alliance in Iraq and Syria and by the

June 25, 2015

DUBAI - Washington’s efforts to degrade and de­feat the Islamic State (ISIS) by build­ing a stron