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November 05, 2016

Washington - Stagnant wages and a mis­match of skills and jobs persist in the Arab world, accordi

October 01, 2016

Washington - Ask a Frenchman what it means to be French and he will likely reference liberty, equ

August 27, 2016

Washington - The killing of an Arab- American man in Okla­homa and an imam and his assistant in N

August 20, 2016

Washington - What do Aladdin, Hanan Ashrawi and Jacqueline Kenne­dy Onassis have in common?

August 13, 2016

Washington - Edward Gabriel has known the Clintons for more than 25 years, having served as presi

July 30, 2016

Washington - In Washington’s Ivy City neigh­bourhood, drug-related vio­lence and prostitution wer

July 23, 2016

Washington - Polls about Americans’ views on Islam and Mus­lims indicate a sympathy that is somet

July 16, 2016

Washington - Heather Raffo came of age when the only coun­try she had ever called home went to wa

July 02, 2016

Washington - Ahmed Abdellahy was a shy kid.

June 18, 2016

Washington - Arab countries and Tur­key are unlikely to de­velop atomic weapons options despite t

June 18, 2016

The United States’ worst mass shooting attack in modern times heated debates over the shooter’s a

June 11, 2016

American Muslims express optimism despite reports of rising Islamophobia amid a tense political a

May 28, 2016

Washington - At a recent funeral for a Muslim-American man in Florida, the be­reaved family encou

May 28, 2016

Washington - Lack of technology, research facilities and up-to-date education are among the chall

May 21, 2016

Washington - Conspiracy theories ac­cusing Facebook of sup­pressing some while promoting articles

May 07, 2016

When a Western journalist and colleague recently asked, with an air of nonchalance, whether I was

April 16, 2016

Washington - Foreign jihadists hold privi­leged positions within the Islamic State (ISIS) as they

March 24, 2016

Washington - Safeguarding the Iran nu­clear deal and reversing new US visa waiver regula­tions to

March 17, 2016

Washington - Despair is increasing among young Palestin­ians due to abysmal economic prospects an

March 03, 2016

Washington - Institutional charities continue to face obstacles in reaching Syrians who are most