New Hamas charter to be released

Sunday 23/04/2017
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, waves to supporters during a rally to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the Hamas in Gaza City, December 14, 2015.(AP Photo/Adel Hana)

The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas said Wednesday it is to unveil an amended version of its 1987 founding charter next week, without detailing the change.
The movement which rules the Gaza Strip said on its website that the announcement would be made on Monday in Doha by its chief Khaled Meshaal, who lives there in exile.
Hamas\'s charter advocates the destruction of the Jewish state and the establishment of an independent state in all historic Palestine.
It is designated a terror group by Israel and much of the international community.
Hamas and Islamic Jihad are the only Palestinian movements not to have joined the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) which advocates peace with Israel as part of a two-state solution.
Observers say the pending changes could refer to a Jewish state within the borders it held prior to its 1967 occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem.
Or it could drop references to its ties with Egypt\'s Muslim Brotherhood, its parent organisation.
Relations with Cairo deteriorated after the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Muhammad Morsi by Egypt\'s then army chief and now President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
They spiralled further after Sisi outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi was a member.
The revamp of the Hamas charter follows leadership elections it held in February, the full results of which the movement says it will shortly make public.
It has announced that hardliner Yahya Sinwar replaced the more moderate Ismail Haniya as Gaza leader but has not named a successor to Meshaal, who has completed the maximum two terms in office.
Haniya is considered a favourite to fill the post.