The Muslim Brotherhood cannot deny the facts in Yemen

Sunday 09/04/2017

An old French proverb says the greatest deeds are often met with ingratitude. I guess the Muslim Brotherhood believes in that and would add insults on top of ingratitude. A case in point is the reaction of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party, commonly referred to as al-Islah, to Emirati aid and investment in Yemen and more specifically in Socotra island.
Using its disastrous proxy in Yem­en, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to settle scores with the United Arab Emirates for exposing the Brother­hood’s real intentions in Yemen. The Brotherhood lusts for power in Yemen and is willing to destroy the country to get it.
Anyone who tries to defame the UAE for the aid it has given to Yem­en ignores the facts. At a time when Yemen was being consumed by the fires of war, humanitarian aid from the UAE was being ferried to Aden, Abyan, Lahij, Mocha and all other war-torn areas in Yemen.
Since 2011, the Muslim Brother­hood has been doing its best to lay its hands on power in Yemen. It rode the wave of the revolution started by well-intentioned youth and thought that the country was ready for its coming. The Muslim Brother­hood was being used by the Houthi rebels, Iran’s puppet in Yemen, to execute the latter’s evil scheme of gaining control of the strategic Bab el Mandeb Strait by occupying Mocha port.
The Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen has started spreading the ru­mour that the UAE was involved in facilitating the construction of a US military base in Socotra. Supposing the United States is indeed interest­ed in such a project, would it need the UAE’s permission to execute it in Socotra or anywhere else? The rumour is ridiculous and can only be understood as a smoke screen for the Brotherhood’s incompetence and failures in Yemen.
The Muslim Brotherhood is opposed to any political solution in Yemen. It is scared it would be sidelined by such a solution, so it is working with the Houthis to keep the war raging in Yemen.
The Houthi rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood have chosen to focus on the UAE in their defamation campaign because they know that Emirati efforts in Yemen serve one objective only — that of saving Yem­en and the Yemeni people. It is not a secret to anybody that the UAE has played a major role in securing Aden and Mukalla and returning them to the legitimate authorities. The same is true with respect to Marib, Mocha and the port of Hodeidah.
The UAE had put together a strategy for saving Yemen from the claws of the Houthis even before the onset of Operation Decisive Storm. At the same time, it is possible to see that the Muslim Brotherhood, via al-Islah party, is striving to block any political solution.
If it is true that the south Yemenis really wish to secede, it must be in view of what the Muslim Brother­hood has been doing in the south­ern provinces since 1994 when it took part in the war between Ali Ab­dullah Saleh and the Socialist Party. Saleh had won that war, dubbed the War of Secession. The problem was that the Muslim Brotherhood behaved in Aden and the southern provinces as victors. It is normal then that people in the south want to secede.
It is very clear that the Muslim Brotherhood does not wish the war in Yemen to end so it will vilify anyone who wants to put an end to it and constrain Houthi forces into one zone until a comprehensive po­litical solution is reached. Of course, such a solution will take into con­sideration each party’s real weight and must lead to the containment of Iran’s influence in the region.
Vilifying the UAE will not re­lieve the Muslim Brotherhood of its responsibility in the crisis in Yemen. Its members kidnapped the “Yemeni spring” in 2011 and turned it into a deadly blow to the country’s unity. The Houthis were waiting in the wings and seized the opportunity to take hold of Sana’a in September 2014.
The Muslim Brotherhood can show its ingratitude any way it likes but it will not be able to change facts. Everything the UAE has done in Yemen was for the benefit of Yemen and the Yemenis, starting with the reconstruction of Marib Dam in the 1980s through a private donation by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan.
The UAE is only interested in Yemen’s stability because it is an integral part of the region’s stabil­ity. The Muslim Brotherhood, on the other hand, has never had the guts to ask itself why it badly wants Yemen devastated.