Moroccan Prince Moulay Hicham faces lawsuit over unpaid services

Sunday 12/06/2016
Case could take significant turn

LONDON - A London-based law firm warned the Moroccan Prince Moulay Hicham ben Abdallah Alaoui that he must pay a substantial amount of money to another law firm that had provided him with specific services.
The law firm noted that the sum must be paid to avoid prosecution and possible bankruptcy.
An informed source confirmed that the Thrings Solicitors, which is acting on behalf of Jag Shaw Baker, had informed Moulay Hicham of the possibility of filing a lawsuit against him if the debt was not settled before the 13th of June, 2016.
The total value of the debt is about 100,000 pounds owed for services provided by Jag Shaw Baker.
The source explained that the case could take a significant turn especially that the plaintiff reserves the right to request the announcement of Moulay Hicham’s bankruptcy.
Last year, Moulay Hicham lost his case against Elaph, an Arabic electronic newspaper based in London, for defamation, following an allegedly defamatory article titled “Everything that harms Morocco always involves Moulay Hicham” against him published by the website.
A London High Court judge ruled that Elaph’s article has no form of defaming the Moroccan prince.
Moulay Hicham said the article portrayed him as “dishonest, devious and seriously dishonourable” and left him in “fear of physical attack”, citing the fact that “persons strongly supportive of or associated with the current ruling apparatus in Morocco” were likely to have read it.