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October 15, 2017

Philadelphia - “Urban Riders,” an art exhibit at the Barnes Foundation in Phila­delphia, allowed

September 24, 2017

Philadelphia - “Cultures in the Cross­fire: Stories from Syria and Iraq,” an exhibit at the Penn

August 05, 2017

Washington - To Emirati artist Ebtisam Abdulaziz, whose art is on view at the Arab Gulf States In

July 01, 2017

Washington - At dinner in London a few years ago, Sabiha al-Khemir announced her appointment as t

December 24, 2016

Washington - As Washington gears up for the inauguration of a new president who has called for a

October 29, 2016

Washington - Rarely do the divine and artistic occupy the Na­tional Mall in Washing­ton and never

October 23, 2016

Washington - Palms from Iraq’s sandy deserts coexist with birch trees from Maryland’s snowy fores

August 07, 2016

Washington - To an Arabic speaker, raw­iya is the feminine form of “storyteller”.

July 16, 2016

Washington - Forbidden Colors, on view at the Gallery Al-Quds in Washington, is a free-for-all in

April 23, 2016

Washington - When visitors enter Symbolic Cities: The Work of Ahmed Ma­ter, on exhibit at the Smi

March 24, 2016

Washington - Five years ago, when Filip­po Grandi visited Syria as head of the UN Palestini­an re

March 10, 2016

Washington - When it comes to con­flict, “the arts should be at the grown-ups’ table, not the kid