Man accidentally blows self up planting bomb in Bahrain

Friday 10/07/2015
Terrorists continue to pose serious threat to security

DUBAI – Bahraini authorities said a man died when a bomb, which he was trying to plant to target police a Shiite Muslim village in Bahrain, went off.

The Interior Ministry said on its Twitter feed on Wednesday that the person died in the village of Eker, south of the capital, Manama. Authorities have launched an investigation.

Eker has been a flashpoint for clashes between Shiite anti-government protesters and security forces.

Bomb blasts there claimed the lives of several policemen in 2012 and again last year.

Several police officers have been killed over the past year in a series of attacks in the kingdom where discontent remains entrenched more than four years after mass protests by majority Shiites demanding reforms and a bigger role in government.

One officer was killed after a bomb went off near East Eker, south of the capital Manama, in July last year.

"Person killed himself in blast while trying to plant a bomb in East Eker. Bomb was meant to target police. Investigation opened," the ministry wrote on its Twitter feed.

The Sunni-ruled island, which hosts the US Fifth Fleet, says it has made strides in political reform and is increasing monitoring for abuses by security forces.

Bahrain freed prominent dissident Nabeel Rajab on health grounds on Tuesday, more than two months into his six-month jail term for insulting the authorities.