Libya Tripoli government reduces number of portfolios in cabinet reshuffle

Friday 27/11/2015
Conflict, economic crisis, and long list of woes

TRIPOLI - Libya's unrecognised government on Tuesday announced a cabinet reshuffle that drastically reduces the number of portfolios but retains Khalifa Ghweil as prime minister.
"The General National Congress voted today in favour of a government reshuffle to reduce the number of ministers" from 24 to 12, in addition to the post of prime minister, a GNC source said.
"Congress believes that such limited government is actually a crisis cabinet," the source said, without elaborating.
Since the 2011 overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been wracked by conflict, with two rival governments along with powerful militias battling for control of key cities and the country's oil riches.
Libya Dawn, a coalition of militias including Islamists, seized the capital last year, while the internationally recognised government was forced to flee to Tobruk in the east of the country.
The cabinet reshuffle also comes at a time of a harsh economic crisis.