Jordan arrests Islamist preacher for \'incitement to hatred\'

Friday 12/06/2015
Well-known Salafi who supported Nusra Front

AMMAN - Jordanian authorities have arrested an Islamist preacher for inciting hatred against the regime on Facebook, and ordered him held in preventive detention for 15 days, a court official said Tuesday.

Eyad Qunaibi was detained Monday night after posting a piece entitled \"Jordan heading for the abyss\", which criticised Amman\'s ties with neighbouring Israel, as well as the westernisation of Jordanian society.

He also spoke out against Jordan\'s participation in a march in Paris in sympathy with January\'s massacre at French magazine Charlie Hebdo by Islamic extremists, and against fashion shows being held in the kingdom.

Qunaibi, who was born in Kuwait in 1975, holds a doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Houston in the United States.