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August 26, 2017

Abu Dhabi - A mbulance chiefs in the UAE say a new initia­tive to recruit Emiratis to spearhead e

June 04, 2017

Dubai - The Dubai Press Club (DPC) is working with Twitter to offer a year-long course to help jo

April 01, 2017

Abu Dhabi - If Dubai is to meet its goal of be­coming one of the world’s most disabled-friendly c

February 11, 2017

Abu Dhabi - In tax terms, 2017 marks a wa­tershed year for the Gulf Coop­eration Council (GCC) si

January 21, 2017

Abu Dhabi - A Middle Eastern flavour has been added to the top level of internation­al cycling in

January 21, 2017

Dubai - Cyber-crime is a fast-grow­ing threat to businesses and critical infrastructure facilitie

January 14, 2017

Abu Dhabi - As concerns rise about the sustainability of fossil fuels and with the cost of solar

December 03, 2016

Dubai - It promises “a long nightmare of distress and despair”.

December 03, 2016

Abu Dhabi - The newest addition to the United Arab Emirates’ e-commerce sector has timed its arri

October 16, 2016

Abu Dhabi - The rapid rise of ride-hail­ing app Uber may repre­sent a global success story but in

August 20, 2016

Abu Dhabi - UAE authorities have called on parents to steer their children away from making onlin

August 14, 2016

Abu Dhabi - The allure of the United Arab Emirates is leading more expats to explore ways of maki

August 07, 2016

Abu Dhabi - Even the most hardened moviegoer will probably admit to getting a visceral thrill whe

July 30, 2016

ABU DHABI - Study any economic pro­spectus for the United Arab Emirates and one event will either

July 23, 2016

Abu Dhabi - Gulf Arabs are not turn­ing away from Europe as a favoured holiday destination despit