The Israeli government’s moral shortcoming

Friday 07/08/2015

The pending order to demolish the small Palestinian village of Susiya, in the southern Judean mountains in the occupied West Bank, represents the most blatant violation of human rights. The order calls for the forcible removal of several hundred Palestinians who have been living on the land from the time of the Ottoman Empire and have deeds to prove their claim of ownership.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who never misses an opportunity to remind the world that Israel is a democracy guided by moral principles, seems not to care about displacing Palestinian women and children. His excuse is that this dusty village, established in 1830, is the site of archaeological remains of a fifth-century syna­gogue and a tenth-century mosque and must be preserved.
The real reason is that Netan­yahu is leading a coalition gov­ernment that is committed to preventing Palestinians from build­ing anywhere in Area C, which represents 61% of the West Bank, and is openly seeking its outright annexation.
This policy is repeatedly rein­forced by the government’s refusal to grant building permits to Susiya residents while, at the same time, it is funding facilities and security for a religious Israeli settlement established in 1983 with the same name only a short distance south of Palestinian Susiya.
It is hard to express how outra­geous the behaviour of Netan­yahu’s government is when only hours after Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered the demolition of two illegally built Israeli structures in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, Netanyahu authorised the im­mediate construction of 300 units in the same settlement.
In response to the ruling, Naftali Bennett, the leader of the ultra-conservative Jewish Home Party, said, “This is an unfortunate ruling by the High Court… [that] will bring about a wave of construction across the settlements.” Bennett’s statement was strongly echoed by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked who said that, while the court order must be accepted, the Israelis will immediately rebuild. “This is the Jewish way. You don’t lose hope and you keep building, building, building,” she said.
The implications of this inhuman action, should it be carried out, transcends the demolition of one Palestinian village. It points out not only the hypocrisy of Netanyahu and his cohorts but the moral deca­dence of a government that seems bent on defying the international community and the basic tenets of civilised behaviour.
Susiya is but another example of the Netanyahu government’s flagrant and callous disregard of the Palestinians’ fundamental right to live with dignity. Indeed, I am re­minded of a passage in John Stein­beck’s The Grapes of Wrath, which, although about a different time and place, speaks directly to what is taking place in the West Bank: “If it was the law they was workin’ with, why we could take it. But it ain’t the law. They’re a-working away at our spirits. They’re a-tryin’ to make us cringe an’ crawl like a whipped bitch. They’re tryin’ to break us… They’re working on our decency.”
At a time when Israel’s image is tarnished, demolishing Palestinian Susiya will only intensify the mas­sive international condemnation of the Israeli occupation and the Netanyahu government’s insatiable thirst for more Palestinian land.
Netanyahu’s demagoguery has been time and again put on full display when he talks about a two-state solution but continues to expand Israeli settlements by pro­viding them with amenities while depriving scores of Palestinian villages, including Susiya, of basic needs such as water and electricity.
The mere thought of demolish­ing Susiya, not to speak of actually executing it, will be another nail in the coffin of the Israeli peace process. Netanyahu, more than any other Israeli prime minister, will be judged harshly for destroying the prospect for peace bit by bit.
There is nothing that he can say or do to justify the demolition of Susiya or any other Palestinian village or housing unit built in the West Bank — on their own territory — to accommodate natural growth and enable them to live a life with­out fear and intimidation.
The Israelis who support the demolition of this poor village are rendering the most ghastly disservice to Israel’s image and its very future as a democratic state. They have become complicit in the despicable act of uprooting law-abiding Palestinians. No Israeli with a conscience should remain silent and allow the Netanyahu government to devour what little the Palestinians have left.
After 48 years of occupation, the time has come for all decent Israelis to think about the future of their country. Where is Israel heading, and for how much longer can the occupation and the injustices con­tinue without jeopardising Israel’s very existence?
Making the lives of Palestin­ians unbearable in the hope that they will eventually leave is a pipe dream as the infliction of unfor­giving horrible pain on the young and old will only strengthen their resolve to stay. They have the entire international community behind them, and no Israeli force can dislodge them as they would rather die than succumb to tyranni­cal edicts.
I applaud the Israelis who joined the Palestinian demonstration against the potential demolition of Susiya on July 24th. Hundreds of thousands more should follow in their steps. Indeed, in the final analysis, the public, not the gov­ernment, can shape the country’s destiny.
It is understandable that the Israelis’ fatigue with the Palestinian conflict has led to complacency but this is not a luxury that any Israeli can afford at this juncture.
The Palestinians will not fade away and only the Israeli public can stop this morally corrupt bunch, the so-called Israeli leaders in the government, from destroying the moral foundations on which Israel was established.