Israel army fire kills Palestinian teen near Bethlehem

Friday 02/10/2015
Risk of third Palestinian intifada

RAMALLAH (Palestinian Territories) - The Israeli army shot dead a 13-year-old Palestinian during clashes at a refugee camp near Bethlehem on Monday as violence spiked in east Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, police and emergency services said.
Abdel Rahman Abdullah was struck in the chest by Israeli fire at the Aida refugee camp, the sources said.
He is the second Palestinian killed by Israeli soldiers over the past 24 hours as clashes have spread.
On Sunday night, an 18-year-old Palestinian was killed during clashes in Tulkarem in the West Bank.
Clashes have spread after two recent attacks killed four Israelis and wounded a two-year-old child. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged "a fight to the death against Palestinian terror" and announced new security measures.
Palestinian youths throwing stones and firebombs have faced off against Israeli security forces using both live rounds and rubber bullets. Jewish settlers have also clashed with Palestinians.
There have been fears that the sporadic violence could spin out of control, with some warning of the risk of a third Palestinian intifada, or uprising.
Germany voiced concern Monday about the risk of a "new intifada", three days ahead of a Berlin visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
"What possibly awaits us here is something like a new intifada," said foreign ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer.
"That can't be in anyone's interest -- it can't be something anyone in Israel wants, or which any responsible Palestinian politician wants.
"That's why it is... so important to search for ways and means to resume talks in order to reach a permanent solution."
Schaefer said Berlin was "seriously concerned about the escalation of violence that has claimed several lives again in Jerusalem and the West Bank at the weekend".
"We condemn in the strongest terms the abhorrent knife attacks on Israeli bystanders in Jerusalem on Friday" which had killed two people and wounded three, he said.
He said Berlin also condemned any "acts of vengeance against innocent Palestinian civilians".
Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive Thursday in the German capital for talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel.