Iran’s disingenuous reactions to the Arab League meeting

November 26, 2017

Iran’s reaction to the Arab League ministerial meeting in Cairo on November 19 was grandiloquent but hardly convincing.

Tehran quickly dismissed Arab countries’ concerns as “lies” and denied involvement in fuelling tensions in the Middle East when its aggressive and expansionist policies are doing exactly that.

While continuing to distract the Arab world’s attention from pressing concerns such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it disingenuously harangued the Arab League about standing up to the “Zionist enemy.”

Tehran and Hezbollah, Iran’s preferred proxy in Lebanon, deny they helped Yemen’s Houthi rebels procure the ballistic missile that targeted Riyadh in early November. But all the evidence contradicts their robust denials. Very recently, the US provided details of an Iranian network that counterfeited hundreds of millions of dollars in Yemeni currency to the benefit of Iran’s local proxy in Yemen, the Houthis. The network was said to be linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its overseas expeditionary al-Quds brigade.

Propaganda and deception do not change the unfortunate fact of continued Iranian disruption of peace and stability in the region.