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October 15, 2017

Cairo - Miners digging in 1992 for alabaster in a de­sert area of Egypt’s central province of Ben

September 16, 2017

Cairo- Following the recent killing of 18 soldiers in North Si­nai by Islamic State (ISIS) fighte

September 10, 2017

Cairo - Many Egyptians are calling on Cairo to fol¬low Tunisia’s moves towards gender equality an

August 12, 2017

Cairo- The diplomatic crisis with Doha has seen several Arab countries block Qa­tari satellite ch

July 29, 2017

Cairo- The death of eight mili­tants in late July in the central province of Fay­oum was the late

July 22, 2017

Cairo- Egyptian officials are re­cruiting Christian volun­teers to increase security around churc

June 10, 2017

Cairo- The killing of 28 Christian pilgrims on a desert road in the central province of Minya rai

April 22, 2017

Cairo - Acourt ruling supporting an agreement to hando­ver the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanaf

March 11, 2017

Cairo - The Egyptian Army’s push into the Mount Halal re­gion aims to destroy the Islamic State (

March 04, 2017

Cairo - Egypt is trying a new tac­tic to prevent extremist groups fighting the Egyp­tian state fr

December 17, 2016

Cairo - Egypt’s security plans could turn upside down following an announce­ment by the Islamic S