French Minister wants five terrorists to be stripped of nationality

Friday 02/10/2015
Four of five who may lose their citizenship are of Moroccan origin

PARIS - French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Tuesday he had requested that five "terrorists" be stripped of their nationality.
The five citizens involved were sentenced in France for their role in a series of bombings in Casablanca in 2003 that left 45 dead, said a senior official speaking on condition of anonymity.
"I asked the prime minister to strip five terrorists of their nationality," Cazeneuve told the National Assembly.
Four of the five people who may lose their French citizenship are of Moroccan origin, while the fifth person has Turkish origins.
French law only allows nationality to be stripped from a citizen who holds a second passport and such cases are rare.
The interior minister said only one French person had been stripped of their citizenship since 2007, a jihadist with joint Moroccan citizenship who had his passport taken away in September.
Cazeneuve underlined "the government's absolute determination in the fight against terrorism".
France has stepped up the battle against jihadists since a series of attacks in January, including at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, left 17 people dead.
Several planned attacks have since been foiled, including one by a gunman on a train who was overpowered by passengers in August.