Barb horse in spotlight at El Jadida Horse Show

Friday 23/10/2015
Horsemanship at El Jadida festival

El Jadida, Morocco - The eighth El Jadida Horse Show ended with the spotlight on the Barb horse, which was born in North Africa more tan 3,000 years ago.

The six-day presentation, spon­sored by Morocco’s Horse Show As­sociation (ASC), highlighted the an­cient equine heritage of the North African country and illustrated tra­ditional equestrian arts and horse-related crafts.

“This is a great event and the pub­lic was unanimous in underlining the professionalism and unswerv­ing organising,” said Mohamed el- Kouhen, an ASC member.

He added that the show had breathed a new momentum into the development of the equine in­dustry in Morocco and significantly raised procedures for horse breed­ing during its eight years of exist­ence.

About 120 exhibitors from 38 countries took part in the show, which attracted 250,000-260,000 visitors thanks to a rich programme of various equestrian disciplines.

Samira, a 31-year-old government employee from Casablanca said she was thrilled to see tbourida (fanta­sia).

“It’s amazing to see our heritage live and learn more about it,” she said.

Seven troupes from different re­gions of the kingdom entertained the crowds.

According to Darem Bouchen­touf, author of Tbourida, Khayl Wa Khiyala, “Tbourida is an art that comes from the depths of our an­cestors’ memories and is reminis­cent of the battles and wars they have undertaken to preserve their ideals and land against attacks from intruders.”

The filly Dahibat Graine, owned by Noureddine Dahbi, was awarded “best in show” in the female Barb horse category, while Chahm An­nasr, owned by Jamal Abdennaser, won the award in male category.

The gold medal of the Interna­tional Barb Horse Championship was also won by Chahm Annasr. Rusty Des Balmes took the silver medal while the bronze was award­ed to Baligh De Groboz.

“Just to watch Barb horses gallop­ing is an amazing feeling because they are so beautiful,” said visitor Malek Kardoumi.

Four foreign troupes, including France’s Lorenzo, performed at the closing ceremony. Morocco was represented by high-level perfor­mances from the School of Eques­trian Art of Marrakech, the Royal Armed Forces and the General Di­rectorate of National Security. Por­tugal, the event’s guest of honour, took part with a top-notch carousel.

Recreational, cultural, artistic and sports activities were held through­out the six-day event, which closed October 18th. Workshops led by the Royal School of Cavalry and the Royal Society of Horse Encourage­ment were organised along with na­tional and international demonstra­tions of dressage and trick riding.