Bahrain jails five people for terrorist attacks against police

Friday 26/02/2016
Protests are not as peaceful as some claim

MANAMA - Bahrain jailed five people for up to 15 years on Monday for "terrorist" attacks against police in the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom that has been shaken by Shiite-led unrest since 2011.

A high criminal court sentenced three defendants to 15 years each after convicting them of setting an interior ministry vehicle on fire, the prosecutor in "terrorist" cases, Ahmed al-Hammadi, said.

They were also collectively fined more than 17,000 dinars ($45,000), said Hammadi in a statement published by the official BNA news agency.

No casualties were reported in the attack that took place in August last year.

In another case, the same court jailed two defendants, one for three years and the second for 10 years, after convicting them of rioting and throwing explosives and rocks at police last April.

That "terrorist" attack wounded two policemen, the statement said.

Bahrain, just across the Gulf from Iran and home to the US Fifth Fleet, has seen frequent clashes between protesters and security forces in Shiite villages.