Assad’s gift to Netanyahu

The Mumana’a paradigm has triumphed in Syria, as have its morals and tyrannical paradigm.
Sunday 15/07/2018
A Syrian man cries as people look for survivors at the site of Syrian regime strikes in Douma, last February. (AFP)
A lump in the throat. A Syrian man cries as people look for survivors at the site of Syrian regime strikes in Douma, last February. (AFP)

The most important triumph being boasted about by the supporters of Mumana’a forces, or the anti-imperialist Axis of Resistance, in Syria is President Bashar Assad’s survival at the head of the regime. This is followed by the regime’s victory over what it has labelled as “terrorism.”

The “terrorist” descriptor is slapped on all those who revolted against the Assad regime, from civilians to those who defected from the Syrian Army, as well as organisations designated as terrorists by the United Nations.

The near future will reveal not only the way these organisations formed and developed but how they were obedient pawns of the Assad regime and its allies, especially in view of their role in suppressing the Syrian opposition in territories outside of the control of the regime. As terroristic as these organisations might have been, they will never match the terror inflicted by the Syrian regime nor the number of civilian victims it killed and displaced.

Victory here means the survival of Assad and his regime, which, of course, was bolstered by Russia’s intervention. It was, as usual, the helpless civilian populations all over Syria that had to pay the bloody tribute of that intervention. The usual naysayers applauded Assad’s enduring rule and constant killing and proudly called Russian President Vladimir Putin “Abu Ali Putin.”

They turned a blind eye to the deep alliance between Russia and Israel, failing to call out Israeli air strikes on Iranian positions and affiliated militias in Syria as Russian connivance with Israel. When Israel coordinated with Russia its operations in Syrian air space, the naysayers were unmoved. Instead, they kept singing the same tired and cheap tune of clearing out a “road to Jerusalem” through Aleppo, Homs, Daraa and Palmyra.

Victory means Assad staying on at the helm of the regime, the displacement of close to 10 million Syrians, the killing of as many as 500,000 more and the destruction of cities with Mumana’a weapons and missiles, whether those fired by Russian pilots or those that were said to be reserved for Jerusalem.

For Syrians, the naked bloodiness and deadly reality of those weapons were exposed. We have never witnessed such Iranian generosity except in the case of Syria. Not one of their rockets fell on an Israeli settlement. Israeli blood was never shed, not even in Iranian war songs.

Victory here then means triumph for a regime that used chemical weapons and barrel bombs like no one before it. Had it had access to nuclear weapons, it likely would have used them against its own people — but not against Israel.

The naysayers’ victory is embodied in the strange concept of “Assad’s Syria,” a horrendous slogan that ravages the soul of the Syrian people. What is being celebrated is the victory of the values, morals and governance style of the Mumana’a model.

The Mumana’a forces got what they wanted. Assad stays on and the road to Jerusalem is sealed shut. It is closed due to maintenance work servicing the pillars of the Syrian throne. Whoever tries to reach over the Golan Heights will have his arm cut off by the Mumana’a sword.

Russia is overindulging Israel’s security needs. Beyond the guarantees that were promised behind the scenes, a few others have shamelessly become clear. The Mumana’a forces, who have allowed the spilling of Syrian blood, would not dare lift a finger against Israel’s brazen security demands of cordoning off dozens of kilometres along its northern borders, not even in the media. What’s more, assurances not to harm Israeli interests are covertly being offered through coordination efforts with Russia and other parties.

The Mumana’a paradigm has triumphed in Syria, as have its morals and tyrannical paradigm. Its missiles have defeated those who’ve yearned for freedom and the right to a decent life. Its destructive project has won out in the end and so did the emblematic tale of sacrificing millions for the sake of the Syrian president.

As for the Palestinians and the myth of liberating Jerusalem, many have bought such fantasies but today, with what the Mumana’a front perpetrated against the Syrian people, I can affirm that the Syrian nakba is the best gift to Israel.

The Syrian nakba exceeded the Palestinian one to the point that one hears Syrians wishing that their regime and its prisons, at the hands of which they suffered death and destruction, were more like the Israeli jails for Palestinian resistance fighters in the Palestinian territories.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could not hope for a better gift from Assad. No, I’m not talking about the Golan Heights; I’m talking about the Mumana’a paradigm Assad-style and Iranian Major-General Islamic Qassem Soleimani-style.